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Project Description
The World Wide Telescope (WWT) Client library provides client functionality that facilitates http request/response commands using .NET classes, and then connects to the WWT browser where resultant data layers are presented. The primary components, Renci.Wwt.Core and Renci.Wwt.DataManager are discussed below

  • This library incorporates the HTTP request and response commands that are commonly sent to the WWT client. The intended purpose is to assist in handling the series of HTTP requests using a set of defined .NET classes.

  • The Data Manager project makes use of the Renci.WwtCore library to demonstrate its usage. Several examples of retrieving data are provided from different sources such as NETCDF files, SOS services and OData data sources. The retrieved data is then transformed into layers that are displayable within the WWT browser.

Acquiring the Code
  • Source Section
    • It should be noted that the Data Manager project also makes use of the SDS library to parse and read information from NETCDF files. As it stands you must install this library first if you wish to work with NETCDF files.
    • If you do not wish to have NETCDF functionality it will be necessary to de-reference the SDS assemblies from the project.
      • These assemblies are Microsoft.Research.Science.Data and Microsoft.Research.Science.Data.NetCDF4 and are used by the NETCDFDataProvider class.
      • Once these assemblies are de-referenced, simply exclude the NETCDFDataProvider class from the project and comment out references to this class in the code.
  • Downloads Section
    • Renci.Wwt.Core Source
      • Source Code (recommended)
    • Renci.Wwt.Core Assembly
      • Precompiled Assembly
    • Wwt.DataManager Source
      • Source Code distributed with data examples including NETCDF
    • Wwt.DataManager Source without NETCDF
      • Source Code distributed with data examples excluding NETCDF
      • All necessary de-referencing and exclusions have been made

Here are a couple of screen captures

WWT Data Manager
WWT Data Manager - Consumption of a standard SOS data service

WWT Browser
WWT Browser - Generated output from the standard SOS data service shown in the first image and displayed as a layer in WWT

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